NDIS Participants

NDIS participants who wish to learn to drive, OR, have the desire to drive after the onset of their disability can access funding support for an Occupational Therapy driving assessment under their NDIS plan! A driving assessment is a specialised functional assessment which can be funded under a participant’s Capacity Building budget.

An OT driving assessment is the first step a participant must take who wants to get back to driving after the onset of their disability. OT Driving Assessments are also often conducted with NDIS participants who have a disability and want to learn to drive. An OT driving assessment allows the occupational therapist to understand the features of your disability, and determine whether return to driving (or learning to drive) will be possible. Sometimes, multiple assessments will be required in order to determine whether a participant is fit to drive.

In order to use your NDIS funding for an OT driving assessment, driving must be in line with your stated goals, and you must have sufficient funding to cover assessment costs. Feel free to contact us for a fee estimate so you can check. Before you can do a driving assessment, you must already have a learner’s permit OR valid license. You also have to get medical clearance from your doctor (in writing) to do a driving assessment. If your license has been suspended for medical reasons, give us a call and we can let you know how to obtain a temporary license for the assessment.

Remember, a driving assessment is a medico-legal assessment, so even if you are using your NDIS Plan to fund this support, you will still have to comply with the medical fitness standards for driving, and ensure the pre-assessment requirements have been met.

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