Pre-Assessment Requirements

The following is a list of the minimum requirements that must be met prior to being able to book in for an occupational therapy driving assessment:

1. License:  You must have a current and valid driver’s license from the state in which you live.  This may include a Class-C (car) license OR a valid learner’s permit.  Licenses which have been cancelled or suspended are NOT valid.   If you are unsure if your license remains current and valid, please contact the transport authority in your state.  

2. Medical Condition Notification: By law, you must notify the transport authority of your long-term or permanent medical conditions.  Failure to do so can impact the validity of your insurance in the event of an accident.  If you are a learner driver, this means telling the transport department of your medical condition or disability when you apply for your learner’s permit.  If you are already a driver and have a new medical condition or disability, you must notify the transport department of this.  You can do this in person at a Service Centre.  How this is done differs slightly in QLD and NSW: 

IN QUEENSLAND: You may notify of a medical condition online or in person at a Service Centre. Please follow this link to learn more:

IN NEW SOUTH WALES: Please present to a Service NSW Centre to notify the RMS of your condition in person.  Alternatively, your doctor can notify the RMS online.  

3. Transport Authority Medical Forms: 

QLD: If you live in QLD, the Dept. of Transport & Main Roads may require you to fill out the   ‘Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver’ form.   The transport department will tell you whether you need to have the form completed when you notify them of your medical condition/disability.  You can obtain this form in person from a service centre, OR online at$file/F3712_CFD.pdf.  You must take this form to your GP, who may write on the form that you require an OT Driving Assessment.  

**Please note:  Depending on the nature of your condition, you may not have to fill out the ‘Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver’ form.  However, you MUST still notify QLD Dept. of Transport of your condition.  

NSW: If you live in NSW, when you notify the RMS of your medical condition, they may require your GP or specialist to complete the RMS ‘Medical Fitness to Drive Assessment’ Form.  The RMS may post you this form, or you can pick one up in person from a Service NSW Centre.  Your GP can also complete this form online.  Once this form is completed you must return it to a Service NSW Centre.  

3. Doctor’s Referral:  We require a doctor’s referral for an OT driver assessment, noting your medical history, medications, and any clinical concerns your doctor has about your driving.  Your doctor can fax this directly to us on 07 5677 0269, and most doctors will complete this at the same time that the required medical form is completed.  In some specific cases, for example, if you are seeking an assessment to assist with pain management or ergonomics, we may not require a referral from your doctor.  Give us a call to discuss.  

4.  Vision Assessment:  IF you have had visual changes associated with your medical condition (or otherwise), we recommend an optometrist, ophthalmologist, or orthoptist report to accompany your referral.  If you have not had changes to your vision a basic test with your GP is usually sufficient. 

Please be aware that you will not be booked in for an OT driving assessment until these requirements have been met.  Please give us a call for more information if needed.